Bodifresh products are made with all natural ingredients to bring you the most cost-effective, environmentally friendly and functional product on the market today. See what our satisfied customers say about our products.

"I have used Bodifresh and loved it, felt clean and refreshed after use....Strongly recommend it to adults and children alike." Dr. Abby Odusanya, Florida.

"Bodifresh is every bit as good as you claim. Maybe better! My order arrived a few days ago, and I realize now that until then, I didn't know what "clean" without irritation really means. The small pump bottles are easy to carry and use anywhere, even at the office, and the gentle, soothing foam is the best invention for bathroom comfort since indoor plumbing!" Jack R., Massachusetts.

"Wow! Bodifresh is a wonderful product; it does what it claims to do and I am very pleased to endorse it. I have been using Bodifresh for a few months now and my entire family enjoys using it. My favorite is the Dew Drops of Spring (baby scent). Bodifresh has the most beautiful gentle fragrance and does not irritate the skin. I use Bodifresh on my 3 month old daughter and my three sons: 8, 6, and 4 years old. My children will not leave the rest room without using Bodifresh because the toilet tissue alone is not effective. I found Bodifresh to be extremely gentle, even on the most sensitive skin. This product is a MUST for every household, especially families with children. I will definitely recommend this product." Brenda Okasi, Attorney from the law office of www.okasilaw.com, New York

"I love Bodifresh. Its a product that is very simple to use one wonders why it has not always been available until now. Bodifresh does not disintegrate your toilet tissue; one squirt is all you need. In a rush, don't worry Bodifresh is long-lasting and keeps you feeling clean and fresh - ladies even on those monthly cycles. After getting my starter kit, I am hooked on Bodifresh. Bodifresh, truly the New Science in skin cleanser. Bodifresh, clean and loving it." C. McPherson-Scott, Registered Nurse, Clinical Coordinator, Canada

"I need to purchase 3 more bodifreshs for my other bathrooms. My body feels 100% cleaner since I started to use this product. Thanks to Bodifresh." Winston DeCambre, FLorida

"Just got my Bodifresh product today and I used it immediately. It is the best thing ever. Very convenient and easy to use. Now I will be fresh all the time. I LOVE it!" Evelisis Valentin, New York

"After using this product on my daughter, I don't think I will go back to using wet wipes. It is far more economical and I don't have to worry about clog toilets and it cleans exceptionally well. It really works!" Horace Paul, FLorida

"I absolutely love Bodifresh products!" H. Harvey, Nurse Practitioner, California

"I was so impressed with the product and the reasonable pricing that I will be recommending the Bodifresh products to my family and friends." Shirley Thomas, Registered Nurse, New York

"Just got another Bodifresh order today. Best product ever! Excellent product!"  G. Cameron, New York

"Wow, I've just found the coolest product ever. My sister used it and thought it was great and she introduced me to it and I think it is awesome!!! You need to try it!" N. Withfield, Dietician, New York 

"Great product! My whole family loves the fresh and gentle cleansing that it provides. We would highly recommend it!" J. ReidWeir, New York

"Don't leave home without it" Edith Wright, Director of Nursing, FLorida

"The smell is so GOOD! This product is amazing!" B. Sardoski, Professor, Washington

"I love, love, love" Delphine J., Michigan

"It is a great product!  We all love it!"  Kristine Munroe

"I absolutely love this product!"  A. Drewes, Los Angeles

"I love the extra, gentle cleansing you get when using Bodifresh. I even have my little 3 year old use it so he is sure to be super clean after using the toilet. I recommend every home having Bodifresh, it works and is great for extra hygiene use. Great product!"  A. Anderson, Texas 

"This is a fantastic product.  I first hear about this product on GROUPON.  This is THE BEST product for camping/biking trips where showering is a minimal.  From a person with frequent UTIs this product (unscented) for cycling trips is beyond awesome!  I would think REI along with Performance Bike would want to promote this product."  J. Olsten, Wisconsin

"Wonderful product, super fast ship."  T. Begolly, Philadelphia

"Arrived on time and in excellent condition."  L. Fenstermaker, Jr, California

"As described, refreshing to use."   J. Benjamin, Washington

"Love this product! Delivered ahead of schedule."  M. Bratlie, Massachusetts

"I enjoy the fragrance."  L. Hagen, Oregon

"Works great!"  T. Johnson, Michigan

"Item arrived on time and as expected."  R. Christensen, Iowa

"Works as advertised. Great alternative to wipes which hurts the environment."  C. Perry, Philadelphia 

"Love the light scent.  It's sometimes preferable to wipes."  D.Allan

 "My new best bathroom friend!  Fits neatly in my purse and is silent!  No tell tale "wrapper"  noise in a public rest room.  No clogging of the toilets at home like wipes do and this will not clog the sewer pipes like wipes do.  I wish these were less expensive but I'll pay it because my bottom loves this stuff.  It's even great for a quick "freshen up" when needed."  D. Gilles 

"I keep this in every bathroom and my adult children asked to take one home.  No allergic reactions to this mild and effective cleanser."  L.J. Maley 

"Arrived quickly and as described!"  J. Ericson, Alabama

"Fast shipping, safely packaged, as described"  R. Perry, Ohio

"I bought this for myself, we travel and not always have a good bathroom.  These were shipped and received quickly."  L. Self, Texas

"Thank you"  T. Writesel, North Carolina

"Fast shipping, quick delivery, excellent product, thank you!"  L. Condon, Texas

"Have ordered the different scents and all are great! Especially when you travel!"  N. Hypes, Virginia

"Fresh and clean"  N. Hypes, Virginia

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