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Say good-bye to old habits and hello to the new science in personal hygiene!

How It All Began
Bodifresh, Inc., was inspired and created by a mom who believes that the practice of good hygiene should never be compromised by the increasing demands of society on our time and quality of life. As a Registered Nurse of 22 years, recipient of the prestigious 2009 and 2015 Department Nurse of the Year Award from Bethesda Memorial Hospital, she created Bodifresh products with all the best practices and knowledge in mind that she has learned and taught others throughout her career as a healthcare provider. As a wife and mother, she fully understands the difficulties facing families as they try to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle.

She wanted to create a product that was cost effective, convenient, family oriented, and safe for both consumers and the environment. The result was a three-year journey of extensive research, development, and the creation of the ideal product—Bodifresh Toilet Tissue Moisturizer®.

New Science
Bodifresh Toilet Tissue Moisturizer® is the new science in personal hygiene. The toilet tissue moisturizer is a foam perineal cleanser made with some of the highest quality natural ingredients. Unlike conventional wet wipes, Bodifresh Toilet Tissue Moisturizer® will not clog your toilets. Bodifresh products are economical because each refill delivers over 660 individually metered doses of perineal cleansing foam. The product’s unique delivery system reduces or even eliminates cross contamination after each bathroom experience.

Bodifresh, Inc. products are environmentally friendly and safe. Each refill is completely recyclable to reduce its environmental footprint. The skin is the largest living organ on your body and requires a healthy diet and hydration for its well being. Our Bodifresh products are made of 100% all-natural plant extract, pH balanced and alcohol free to prevent drying of the skin, and enriched with Aloe Vera and Vitamin E to soothe, nourish, and moisturize even the most delicate skin.

Superior Qualities
Safe for use by all members of the family.

  • Cleans as it nourishes.
  • Soothes as it moisturizes.
  • Reduces the spread of germs and enhances your overall health.
  • Will not clog your toilet like conventional wet wipes.
  • Saves money with over 660 individual metered doses per refill container.
  • Environmentally friendly.
  • Convenient and more economical than wet wipes.

How It Works
Bodifresh is a moisturizer with unique, foam-based attributes that allow you to apply the moisturizing and cleansing foam directly to the toilet tissue of your choice. Its unique method of application allows the toilet tissue to be safely flushed without clogging toilets. Each Bodifresh Toilet Tissue Moisturizer refill contains 500 ml. of foam perineal cleanser. The refills are replaced in seconds and are designed to be used with either manual or automatic dispensers.

With Bodifresh there's no compromise on the elimination of germs. To start, simply mount the convenient dispenser of your choice next to your bathroom tissue, insert the refill, and it's ready when you need it. Apply a metered dose of perineal cleanser as needed to your toilet tissue and wipe from front to back after each bathroom visit.

Bodifresh was created with those who juggle work, children, exercise, meal preparations, family, and personal time—you—in mind. Once you try our products, you'll have the same peace of mind that we here at Bodifresh have, because you have done everything you can to keep your family healthy.

Our Promise
Bodifresh, Inc., is dedicated to creating a healthier lifestyle for your family by providing quality and convenience at an affordable cost. From our family to yours, enjoy the feeling of having thoroughly clean and refreshed skin after each bathroom experience. Use Bodifresh with confidence and feel the difference.

Bodifresh—The New Science in Personal Hygiene™


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