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Get Them!

"I don't think most people know how bad flushing wipes are to sewers and the water districts. Bodifresh foam just disappears on the skin. It's a smart invention. Never wet or sticky, and the confident clean feeling after use cannot be matched!  Get Them!"  - Ashley G. 

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  • Cloud of White (Unscented)


  • Dew Drops of Spring (Baby)


  • Island Rain (Jasmine)


  • Essence of Lavender (Lavender)


  • Whispers of Yesterday (Vanilla)



This product is a MUST for every household

Wow! Bodifresh is a wonderful product; it does what it claims to do and I am very pleased to endorse it. I have been using Bodifresh for a few months now and my entire family enjoys using it. I use Bodifresh Dew Drops of Spring on daughter and my three sons. My children will not leave the rest room without using Bodifresh because the toilet tissue alone is not effective.This product is a MUST for every household, especially families with children. I will definitely recommend this product.

-Jack R

"I love it"

I just received my Begancuts box for November and your product was featured. I LOVE IT.  I just ordered the three-pack of Lavender!!! Thank you so much for this product.  I hate buying wet wipes as they are destructive and costly

-Brenda B.

The best invention for bathroom comfort since indoor plumbing!

Bodifresh is every bit as good as they claim. Maybe better! My order arrived a few days ago, and I realize now that until then, I didn't know what "clean" without irritation really means. The small pump bottles are easy to carry and use anywhere, even at the office, and the gentle, soothing foam is the best invention for bathroom comfort since indoor plumbing!

-Zach B.

More Reasons to Use Bodifresh

Ordinary toilet paper just doesn't get the job done.

Using toilet paper alone doesn't clean as well as you would think. Dry toilet paper leaves behind residue that you will only notice after using Bodifresh

Bodifresh is for babies too

The ideal solution each time you diaper change your baby. It assures you of thorough and gentle cleansing, no matter how many times a day they need changing.

Bodifresh is portable, very portable

The discreet 1.7 oz bottle, fits in any bag and is TSA compliant, making it safe to carry on any flight

Wet wipes vs Toilet paper

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Can You Flush Wet Wipes with a Septic Tank?

Hear it from Tim Carter, a 20 year plumbing veteran, he would know best.

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Wet Wipe vs Toilet Paper - FLUSH TEST

When material that is flushed disintegrates, it is considered flushable and safe for your toilet. Lets see the difference between "flushable" wipes and the truly flushable toilet paper.

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Wet Wipe Alert!

Try the new science in personal hygiene, ditch the wet wipe, upgrade the toilet paper.